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I apologize to the people who knew the old me. Wild and unforgiving.
Childish immature, Nomenclature, Cough medicine, Erections,
Jokes, I'm on about extinction, My mind's gone, Interplanetary visions,
My omission and unholy dipping, My tongue, a masquerade for this evil face,
I apologize, I'm all cracks that have nothing left, but to be intertwined.

Who was I?, Back then, Life's demons, Consumed me, Heathen I am,
Grab a hold, Statement bold, Who is he?, He does not believe,
Slaughter this blasphemy, Yet you're all sodomy, Jokes,
Mind's anatomy like a rat, Sacrilegious, I hate you. I wish you to hell n back.
Merciful. Jokes go back.

Satanism, A wishlist, The mist has risen, I'm within this kitchen,
Baking up thoughts, What is that I sought?, A subversion? Change?
Excision of the mind?, Pollution I find unkind, I'm lost, A ghost,
Coastal abode I emerge from, Dripping crimson from my guns, Son.
The fun passed me, I ignored it, Perhaps I'm better off alone.
Fore lit a measure of dice, Chance, The end of this burning pipe,
My life, A mirror image, A snipe, Carnage within my head,
Like I said, I'm nothing but dead.

An after-shock, As if my head rocks back and forth.
Through coarse imagery, I wish misery upon folk,
The definition of me, An ever changing cloak.
Who am I, what is we? Humanity. Answer me.

Overpriced currencies, For god it's like usury, But who cares,
Fair maiden, I spit, I look upon witchcraft as my spliff, Sip,
I don't understand, This fight over land and rights, Due to a religious belief?
Grief littered my mind, Am I incline to be vicious?, A pre-exposition, But now what?

It's only The Beginning.

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