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Stefan's scam #over9000
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Default Stefan's scam #over9000 - 02-11-2017, 12:59 PM

Reporting Who? Stefan
Reason and Proof (screenies, vids, etc):

Story is pretty long but I'll try to cut it down as much as possible.

--> Stefan was crying using yell that everything is boring and he'll leave
--> Somewhy choose my to be his victim and kept stalking me in superdonor zone and bandos boss provoking me to stake him as he would leave server otherwise
--> Staked him and he wanted to pvp me after that
--> Told him I didn't had any pvp gear I was ready to risk so didn't want to go
--> Stefan promised to give back items as shown below in the screens
--> Once again told him I didn't have pvp gear but he pushed me to use lunar (he'd give back anyway)
--> Fighted for a while but got to a point where none would die (no spec left)
--> We went to the corporal beast to get our spec back and rematch
--> Corp killed us and we actually lost items to it (I didn't know this could happen, NPC's shouldn't be able to make me drop my items, nevertheless all of them? Even firecape??
--> Went back to pick it up but my items weren't visible to me (However they were visible to Stefan-
--> Stefan said he didn't see any items from me and acted as if he didn't know what just happened (just like me)
--> Stefan logged out

Moments later I see Stefan walking around with the exact items I lost (it was late and he was afk so didn't bother starting an argue (as there is never staff online to help with such things anyway )

Next day I told Stefan that he knew I would die to corp and he would get my stuff (aka scamming me)

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Off topic
Stefan has been acting very rude and has abused the kindness of multiple people in this server which want to help the community grow. Can't believe this guy is still walking around freely even after such long time..
@Gir @Brittany

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Stefan's scam #over9000


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